Version 2.7 Is Available

Cub Tracker 2.7 has been released. This version includes some bug fixes, which should fix some of the application crashes. The biggest change is a new feature, backup/restore, which is pretty much what it sounds like. :) You can read more about it in the User’s Guide.

If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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What have you been up to?

Facebook is asking me, "What have you been up to?" Well I’ll tell ya! :)

I have several fixes in that should address some of the application crashes happening here and there. It seems like I say that every time, but I mean it every time. :) I’m anxious to push those out, but I have one more thing I’ve been working on…

Database backups. :) Users have requested it. I’ve wanted it. It’s finally happening. I’ll have more details prior to release, but this new feature will allow you to back up your database, then restore it should something happen (say, your device fails or is lost, or an application update destroys all of your data. Sadly, that’s happened before). One side effect of this is that will provide a very rudimentary way for users to share data, either between personal devices, or with other users. It’s not perfect, but it will work with a bit of care. I still hope to do real data replication, but this might help in the meantime.

I don’t know exactly when I’ll release the update, but it seems to be feature complete. That means it should just be some final testing and debugging. I’ll let you know, of course, when it’s released, but, in the meantime, I thought you might appreciate an update. I haven’t forgotten you! :)

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Another Minor Update

With many thanks to Alan Kirchoff for working with me on Facebook, I think I’ve finally found the cause of the application crashes: large photos. As part of our exchance on Facebook, I was able to work out a means of forcing the crash, produce a potential fix, and have it verified by Alan. With this update, if the picture load fails, the app will display a message and not crash. :)

I’m pretty confident about this fix, but, as always, if you have issues, I would love to hear from you. :)

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Version 2.6 Brings an Oft-Requested Feature

I have just published version 2.6 of Cub Tracker. The major new feature in this release is one that has often been requested: a quicker per-scout report. In prior versions, you would have to generate a report for a specific scout to see what he has completed. Now, it’s as simple as tapping his name on the Scouts page. You’ll see the normal information — name, rank, contacts, and photo — but now you’ll also see a report of all the items he has completed for this rank. It currently mirrors the report that can be generated through the reporting functionality, which is fine, but I may tweak the appearance of the report. Time (and user requests) will tell. :)

On a more technical note, I’ve made some more code changes, as I do every release, it seems, to make the app more stable. Version 2.5 seems to have introduce some instability for some users. While I know where the change was made (and thus where the bug was introduced), I can’t explain why it’s happening. More maddeningly, I have not been able to reproduce the crash. I can see, though, from the crash reports, that it is definitely real, and that some users are having a real problem with it. I hope (as I just about every release, it seems) that these changes I’ve made will eliminate as much of that as possible, but I currently have no way to know for sure. If you’re even slightly technically-inclined and hit any of these app crashes regularly, and if you know how to reproduce them, I’d love for you to email me so I can get more details. I’d really like to squash this one, but, honestly, I’m short on data, so I have to make educated guesses. :|

The new version should be showing up in the Play Store soon. If you have any issues after the update, or any other features you’d like to see, my digitial door is always open. :)

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Cub Tracker 2.5 Has Been Released

Cub Tracker 2.5 has just been released. There are a couple of new features.

The first is a simple user interface change. In previous version, to change pages, you had to swipe left and right. Sometimes, though, it would be easier or more convenient just to tap the tab you want. Version 2.5 adds that support, allowing you to change pages by tapping on the title bar. It’s a small, simple change, but one I’ve found useful.

The bigger change is that scouts are now grouped on the scouts page in the same expandable/collapsible groups that are seen on the other pages (achievements, electives, etc). This should make it easier for those dealing with scouts in multiple ranks, especially as the number of scouts grows. I’m managing 2 dens, with 14 and 19 boys respectively. That’s a lot of scouts! :) With this change, the scout listing is much easier to manage and read.

I’ve also made a couple of smaller changes under the hood that should help improve the stability of the application. Given the variety of devices this runs on, it’s a pretty tough task, but I keep reading the error reports and making changes when I can identify the source of the crashes. Hopefully, this will solve the bulk of the issues.

With 2.5 out the door, I’ve started work on 2.6, which will include the long-awaited scout-specific reporting (see this comment, for example). Surprisingly, that work is mostly done, but I’ll likely sit on it for a few days to make sure no other issues or ideas for improvement come up.

If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact. I do read the reviews on the Play Store, clearly, but interaction there is hard, so an email will get a faster, better response. As always, thanks for your support!

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